What does it take?

Europe stepping up to global tech leadership

What is European Startups ?

European Startups is the definitive platform providing macro-level trends and trusted insights for data-driven policy making, supported by the European Commission. Our mission is to facilitate an informed conversation about what it takes to bring Europe's startup economy to the next level through online data, research and offline events.

Why is this important?

Europe's startup ecosystem has taken huge strides in recent years. However, the gap with hubs like Silicon Valley and China remains large. To stay relevant in tomorrow's global economy, it is critical that this gap is narrowed.

Taking Europe's startup ecosystem to the next level requires a clearer vision about European entrepreneurship and more alignment between the private sector and policy makers. And that requires a trusted and easily accessible source of intelligence that maps the whole of the EU's tech ecosystem.

  • For government and policy makers

    • Supporting data-driven policy making
    • Help direct funding decisions
    • Mapping frontier tech hubs with greatest potential
  • For startup founders and employees

    • Get inspired by startups and emerging sectors
    • Find investors to back your startup
    • Find information on how the EU supports startups
  • For VCS and angel investors

    • Identify frontier tech & impact startups
    • Find the best projects & startups funded by the EU
    • Explore lesser-known emerging tech hubs
  • For journalists and researchers

    • Single trusted source of data on European tech
    • Identify frontier tech & impact startups
    • Identify emerging sectors & tech hubs


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