Taking Startup Europe to the Next Level

1 December 2021

Supercharging the European ecosystem: How VCs, policymakers and startups can take it to the next level.

Dealroom and Sifted took a look back at how far Europe’s startup economy has come in the past few years, and explore the concrete steps needed to take it to the next level. This presentation, panel and networking session shone a light on how the trinity of startups, VC investors and policymakers can supercharge the tech ecosystem.

Panel Participants:

  • Maive Rute, deputy director-general at European Commission
  • Ekaterina Gianelli, partner at Inventure
  • Patrick Nathen, co-founder & VP product at Lilium
  • Henrietta Moon, co-founder & CEO at CarboCulture
  • Mimi Billing, Nordic senior reporter at Sifted (moderator)

This event took place at the Slush conference in Helsinki